We were thrilled to welcome 30 attendees for this thought-provoking event, run in partnership with Forster Communications.

Collectively, we took a deep dive into the concept of radical collaboration and explored how it might help businesses to tackle pressing societal issues, such as: the climate emergency, the cost-of living crisis and, protecting the rights of marginalised groups.  

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Workshop details

Who should attend?

  • Heads of / Managers in community investment communications, sustainability, CSR roles
  • Individuals who are responsible for turning policies into practice at progressive businesses and charities.

What to expect

During this workshop you’ll learn about radical collaboration and how you can apply it to the complex issues you and your organisation are seeking to tackle.

You will be joined by corporate social responsibility and sustainability peers from progressive businesses and senior leaders from charities and together we’ll explore how radical collaboration can support the way we approach three key issues facing our society: the climate emergency, the cost-of-living crisis and, the rights of the marginalised.

Before we get into the discussion we’ll hear from Trewin Restorick (Sizzle, formerly Hubbub) and Jules Chalmers (Aesop) on their experiences and learnings from collaboration.

We’ll tackle a range of questions including:

  • What is the role of philanthropy in tackling these issues?
  • What is the best way to communicate your approach so that it is understood and genuine?
  • How do you get buy-in internally to support a socially responsible strategy? 
  • How do you balance the needs of employees with the needs of your community? 
  • How can you bring your industry along with you?
  • Who are effected by this crisis that touch your business?
  • How are the voices of the people impacted heard?

Reasons to attend

  1. You’re yet to fully integrate social responsibility into your business strategy and need ideas and support.
  2. You recognise the need for collaboration but don’t know where to start / want to build on what you’re already doing for greater impact.
  3. You’ve achieved something great through collaboration and want to share best practice.
  4. You want to hear what other sectors are doing.
  • Why is radical collaboration needed?
    There are less than eight years to realise the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). And while ambitions targets have been set, the routes to achieving them have become increasingly complex. How can net zero targets be achieved while also tackling the cost-of-living crisis? How do we protect livelihoods while resources become more and more scarce?  

    Making progress on urgent and complex issues like the climate crisis and rapidly increasing levels of deprivation requires radical collaboration. Which means dissolving the barriers between competitors, sectors, service providers and clients. Between leaders, employees, communities and end users. 

    All have and must play a role, which requires a much more creative, inclusive and flexible form of leadership. Leaders who provide the platform for radical collaboration to flourish, for the most unlikely partnerships to be nurtured and grown, for the voices of those excluded from the decision making process to be heard and listened to. This approach requires leaders to leave ego and self-interest, even the enlightened kind, at the door.  
  • Speakers
    Trevor Restorick, Sizzle and formerly of Hubbub

    Jules Chalmers, Aesop
  • About CAF and Forster Communications
    Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) is a charity seeking to connect vital organisations, institutions and individuals working to ensure everyone has a stake in the future. 

    Our independence, expertise and international reach enable hundreds of millions of pounds each year to move across sectors and borders and arrive safely with thousands of charities to make a greater impact.

    Everyone working at Forster Communications is committed to achieving a climate secure, sustainable and just world that respects both people and planet. We believe social and environmental solutions come from a mix of behaviour change, system change and institutional change – and know that communications is critical to making this happen.

    In 2020 Forster and CAF collaborated on ‘Bold Thinking, Brave Action’ a research piece into the bravery and adaptability needed from corporate sustainability leaders in order to make progress in an uncertain world.