The Health Emergency Appeal for Ukraine raises funds for the frontline response to deliver life-saving medicines and supplies.

Your contribution will go directly to deliver urgent healthcare to people across Ukraine and refugees in neighbouring countries affected by this crisis.
Donations will help expand the capacity of emergency medical teams help health services treat those wounded and provide vital care for patients with pre-existing health issues. Having worked for many years closely with health authorities across Ukraine, the WHO’s knowledge of the capacities and needs of the country’s health system allows them to better support in areas of greatest need.

This campaign is powered by the WHO Foundation, in collaboration with a global network of fiduciary partners.


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Making a donation through CAF

As the UK fiduciary partner of the WHO Foundation, CAF is able to facilitate tax-effective donations from UK donors.

Please see below for different donation options available.

Please note that all donors giving to the WHO Foundation certify that they are neither employed in, nor possess a significant financial interest (more than £3,838 - equivalent to CHF 5,000) in the arms, alcohol or tobacco industry. Donations from governments and their bodies, as well as donations from entities affiliated with the arms, alcohol or tobacco industries cannot be accepted and will be returned if received.

  • I have an account with CAF
    You can request the donation online by logging in and selecting the ‘donate overseas’ option. You can then enter the ‘WHO Foundation’ as the charity name and select ‘Switzerland’ as the country.
  • I would like to make a one-off donation by credit / debit card
    You can make a non-tax effective donation by debit / credit card on the WHO Foundation website
  • I would like to make a one-off donation by bank transfer

    Please contact us with details of your donation and we will provide you with more information.