The Need

Dalit women are amongst the world’s most marginalised groups, described by the UN Women’s Fund as being at ‘the epicenter of intersecting forms of discrimination based on gender, class, caste and race.’

The impact of this disenfranchisement?  Dalit women face a dearth of life opportunity, crippling insecurity and greater risk of sexual abuse, violence and human trafficking.

What makes us different? 

With partners across six continents CAF International use our deep local knowledge to support some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Our extensive experience and networks bring together donors, corporate partners, NGO partners and government authorities to create ambitious practical programmes that break negative cycles and transform lives.

The difference we make

In the remote mountains of Pithoragarh in India, a community of 750 Dalit women had no way of earning their own incomes and improving their lives.

In 2016 CAF India – one of our exceptional international partners - secured grants from Oracle and supported NGO partners Action Aid and the Association for Rural Planning to create a comprehensive up-skilling programme for this community of women.

Equipped with new organic and climate resilient farming techniques this community were able, for the first time in their history, to farm their disused fields, bringing about profound and lasting positive change.

group of women

Sustainable income

Learning about packaging and marketing empowered this community to create their own sustainable income stream selling the food they produce.

Farming increased by 20%

Farming yields were increased by 20% as a result of putting into practice new skills and farming techniques.

Farming collectives

16 farming collectives have been formed by Dalit women, to pass on skills and share knowledge, resources and tools.

Newfound confidence for women

With their newfound confidence many women in this new farming community have gone on to become powerful advocates for Dalit women’s rights.

Safe, affordable and chemical free food

Organic food production created an abundant source of safe, affordable and chemical free food to sustain local Dalit families.

CAF International

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Making a world of difference

Bindu's Story

Bindu, a 39 year old mother of five:

‘For years our small piece of land lay uncultivated.  But when I became a member of the collective, I learnt new farming techniques and was given seeds and tools, and was able to completely revive my barren piece of land.’


CAF India is a CAF International partner, one of our global network of locally-led, independent organisations that work across six continents. Over the last 25 years, CAF and its international presence has led to breakthroughs and social change that has had a positive effect on the lives of millions of vulnerable and disadvantaged people and communities.

As one of the most disaster prone areas of the world, one of the core areas of CAF India’s work is to support vulnerable communities by constructively engaging with donors, civil society and government authorities to respond to disasters.

CAF India is member of Charter for Change which emphasizes local partnerships and routing more funds to local organisations. The team believe in this and work very closely with local implementation partners that are carefully selected through a rigorous due diligence process.

CAF International

By working with with local experts, CAF International has helped make a real difference to communities around the world.

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