The Need

In 2018 Kerala in India was hit by its worst flooding in over 100 years, bringing devastation to the region.  Over 480 people died, 800,000 were displaced from their homes and thousands of families lost their livelihoods overnight. 

What makes us different?

We believe the most effective way to support vulnerable disaster hit communities is to work with local partners who understand their particular needs and challenges.

Our global reach, decades of giving experience, deep local knowledge and robust due diligence process enables us to select the strongest partners to work with, allowing us to get funds to where they’re most needed and can do the most good.

By bringing together ambitious working groups of agencies, charity and corporate partners and specialists we are able to create and co-ordinate relief programmes that bring about rapid, transformative change at scale.

The difference we make

Mobilising and working with 16 corporate and 10 charity partners we were able to rapidly establish disaster-hit families’ needs and create a three-stage plan of support from immediate relief through to disaster assessment and rehabilitation.

With catastrophic landslides having caused damage to over 10,000km of Kerala’s roads we worked with local airline Air Vistara to fly in doctors, disaster management experts and skilled volunteers from across India to deliver a comprehensive package of support.


Life saving kits

Within three months 2400 families across three districts had received life saving kits including soap, sleeping mats, mosquito nets and blankets.

Up to 2000 families have access to drinking water

With the risk of disease making safe water a priority we worked with Humanitarian Aid International to provide over 2000 families with access to clean drinking water via 10 new water treatment units in local community spaces.

200 weavers' livelihood supported

Working with charity partner Andhyodaya, we enabled 200 weavers’ families to re-establish their livelihoods by replacing equipment and tools they had lost in the floods.

Rebuilding schools

We believe in supporting disaster-hit communities in the long term and are still working alongside Kerala’s flood-damaged communities to rebuild their schools and other vital support services.


CAF India is a partner of the CAF Global Alliance, a network of nine locally-led, independent organisations that work across six continents. Over the last 25 years, the Global Alliance and its international presence has led to breakthroughs and social change that has had a positive effect on the lives of millions of vulnerable and disadvantaged people and communities.

As one of the most disaster prone areas of the world, one of the core areas of CAF India’s work is to support vulnerable communities by constructively engaging with donors, civil society and government authorities to respond to disasters.

CAF India is member of Charter for Change which emphasizes local partnerships and routing more funds to local organisations. The team believe in this and work very closely with local implementation partners that are carefully selected through a rigorous due diligence process.

CAF International

By working with with local experts, CAF International has helped make a real difference to communities around the world.

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