The truths revealed by COVID-19

2020 has been a year unlike any other, with the COVID-19 pandemic bringing unparalleled health  and economic devastation and shining an uncompromising light on social inequality around the world.

During these unprecedented times, civil society’s unique role and value has never been more evident. It has stepped up to plug critical gaps in the official response and proved unequivocally that it provides a lifeline and quality of life for millions. 

The striking lack of recognition of the value of civil society  has exposed three fundamental needs that we as a global community have to meet in the future, and that will be explored in this report:

  • The need to champion emergency solutions that are global in scale, nuanced by local, regional and national need and that leverage, rather than sideline, civil society organisations (CSOs)
  • The need for collective advocacy of civil society and the invaluable role it plays in strengthening wider society
  • The need to facilitate the giving that will support future civil society and enable us to emerge as a more united, responsive and compassionate world

Report Snapshot: Learning, Innovation and Collaboration in Action

Innovation in Action:

During the COVID-19 crisis, IDIS – our partner in Brazil, launched its first-ever emergency response fund building on the experience of partner countries across the network.

Experience in Action:

With an internationally renowned due diligence process underpinning funding decisions and providing reassurance to donors, CAF Russia was able to get a third (32.7%) of funds out to frontline support projects within 72 hours.

Collaboration in Action:

CAF America’s expedited grantmaking programme has rapidly distributed emergency COVID-19 grants through Global Alliance partners including:

  • $476,000 through CAF Canada
  • $130,500 through CAF India
  • $620,000 through CAF Russia
  • $240,000 through Good2Give in Australia
  • over $2million through CAF in the UK

Learning in Action:

Over the course of the pandemic we have undertaken global and deep local research across the Global Alliance to understand the challenges experienced by charities and community organisations during the pandemic.

By shining a light on their predicament and bringing it to the attention of governments, global media and donors we have been able to publicise the critical need for positive fiscal measures, tax relief and donor flexibility to ensure the sector’s survival.

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