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Increase employee engagement by matching the funds your employees raise through charitable activities to support the causes close to their hearts.

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Matched giving (also known as match funding) gives your employees the chance to boost their fundraising since their employer matches the money they’ve raised. Some companies offer this on a pound-for-pound basis, while others will specify the amount they’re prepared to give. Our matched giving scheme allows you to match payroll donations and employee fundraising - or pay for volunteer time.

Boost your employees' charitable donations

Matching funds for your employees’ charitable activities is a great way to increase employee engagement, by showing support for the charities they care about.

Our Growing Giving inquiry found that matching employees’ charitable activities can lead to improved staff productivity and loyalty, as well as boosting an employer’s public perception.

Whether your employees are fundraising, volunteering or donating via CAF Give As You Earn, our flexible CAF Matched Giving service means you can match their achievements.

CAF Matched Giving

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The scheme is simple to set up, easy to administer and can be customised to suit your matching criteria. Company funds used for CAF Matched Giving are tax-effective and can be deducted from your organisation’s corporation tax. Providing match funding for your employees’ giving can boost the perception of your company and appeal to prospective staff.

It allows you to match:

Payroll Giving donations

Employee donations through your CAF Give As You Earn Payroll Giving scheme.

Personal donations

Personal employee donations made by cheque, cash, Direct Debit or debit/credit card.

Fundraising and volunteering

Individual and team fundraising and volunteering efforts.

Employees meet about growing social impact

Corporate responsibility advisory services


Our team help responsible business become an invaluable source for social good.

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