Why we give: case studies

Everyone gives to charity for different reasons – some givers are passionate about the environment, others just want to help those less fortunate than themselves. Giving is a very personal thing, so we interviewed some of our donors to gain a better understanding of why they choose to share their wealth with others.

Read their stories below to see how giving can change your life.

  • David Bee
David Bee, a part-retired veterinary surgeon, talks to us about why he feels that giving to charity is a win-win situation.
  • Charm Robson
Find out what motivates Charm Robson and her husband to donate regularly to charity - and get involved with fundraising for their church and for Christian Aid.
  • Amy Bright
Amy Bright and her husband have used their CAF Charity Account to give to charity since the 1970's. We find out what motivates their giving.
  • Hamish and Gillian Craig
Hamish and Gillian Craig give to more than a dozen charities and are particularly passionate about environmental and development causes.
  • AJ Finch
We talk to AJ Finch, a 46-year old computer programmer who lives in Tunbridge Wells, about his reasons for giving to charity
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