John Low’s 2015 Christmas message for you

Our Chief Executive Dr John Low offers an inspirational Christmas message to the charity sector and acknowledges the support of our individual and corporate donors.

CAF CEO John Low's Christmas message

A festive greeting from John Low

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Christmas is a time of year when we think of others. Often it’s a time when we catch up with people that we’ve lost touch with and reach out once again in renewed friendship and best wishes.
At CAF everyday we see reaching out in generosity helping those they don’t even know.
Everyday we work with companies who are striving to find new ways to play their part in making the world a better place.
I never cease to be humbled by the amazing work of charities up and down the land, and in every corner of the world, absolutely committed to helping those in need, to tackling injustice and inequality and in many ways working to build stronger, more vibrant and resilient communities.
Thank you for all your generosity over the year, supporting those causes I know you care about.
From all of us at CAF, can I wish you and those close to you a joyful and peaceful Christmas, and a fulfilling 2016.

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