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Many charities are facing uncertain futures, but together we can help them survive. Give back with a CAF Charity Account and support the causes you care about.

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Charities are struggling now

The coronavirus crisis has been devastating for charities. Demand for their services has skyrocketed, while donations have plummeted.

  • 53% of charities say that donations have decreased since the start of the crisis
  • 36% of charities report that they have seen an increase in demand for their services
  • 54% believe that they will be unable to operate in their current form for more than 12 months.

The stats above are from our research into how charities and donors are reacting to the pandemic.

Local charities have been hit hard

Household-name charities, such as Help for Heroes, British Heart Foundation and the National Trust are facing serious problems.

But it’s the smaller locally based charities who are especially exposed to the crisis. The ones who have been there for us and our communities throughout this crisis. Without help they may not be around for much longer.

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Together we can help

One in four of us say we will donate more than usual to charities in the wake of the outbreak. While more of us intend to donate to local charities.

  • 26% of people say they will likely donate more than usual
  • 41% of people said they will donate to local charities
  • 28% of people said they will donate to national charities. 

People and communities depend on the work of charities. To save the causes we care about we need to turn the intent to give into action.

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Make a commitment to give regularly

Giving regularly is one of the best ways you can help the causes that matter to you.

When you make regular donations to charity by standing order or Direct Debit, it helps them to plan ahead. With a regular income stream, charities can budget effectively and continue their essential work.

They've been there for us throughout the pandemic. Give back with a CAF Charity Account and be there for them...

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Charities are there for us. Now let's be there for them. Give back with a CAF Charity Account.

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