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If you have donors in the UK, the CAF American Donor Fund (CADF) offers them the ability to claim UK and US tax relief on their donations to your institution including adding 25% UK Gift Aid where eligible.

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If you have donors in the UK, who pay tax on both sides of the Atlantic, we offer a perfect solution to increase the value of their donation.

Smart, tax-effective giving for dual UK and US tax payers   

  • Your donors can claim UK and US tax relief on their donations to your college.
  • Because their donation is routed through us, it qualifies for the UK government’s Gift Aid scheme which can add 25% to the value of the donation where eligible. 
  • As a charity, any surplus we make is reinvested into the sector
  • Established over 90 years ago, we support 300,000 individual donors and 73,000 charities in 100 countries.
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We understand that International fundraising is quickly becoming an essential component of many successful development programs and that  international alumni relations is a growing field as institutions maintain connections with graduates, who choose to move overseas, or return home.
The service we offer to you and your donors can be a valuable addition to your fundraising repertoire.  

Online access for donors 24/7

Whether they're travelling around the world, at home or in the office, your donors can view the status of their donations.    


We are a trusted partner

A trusted partner

Established over 90 years ago, we support over 2,000 private clients and are a trusted philanthropy partner to wealth managers and advisors.

Ease of admin

We act as a philanthropy specialist, handling the administration and set-up, making it hassle-free for you and your donors.

Our transatlantic expertise

Our specialist team of Relationship Managers in the UK and US provide philanthropic expertise to support your donors' giving journey.

A portable service

If your donors move back to the US or the UK from their current base, they can continue to use us as their giving partner.


  • What is the CAF American Donor Fund?
    The CAF American Donor Fund* is a smart, tax-effective way for dual taxpayers to give to charity. If your donors file tax returns in both the UK and the USA, the CAF American Donor Fund allows them to achieve greater impact with their philanthropy by helping them to claim the maximum reliefs available in both countries.

    *The CAF American Donor Fund is the trading name of Southampton Row Trust Ltd, a UK-based charitable company registered with the Charity Commission in England and Wales (Registered company number 3900842. Registered charity number 1079020). Southampton Row Trust Ltd is wholly owned by CAF America, a US 501 (c)(3) public charity. CAF America Employer Identification Number (EIN) 43-1634280.
  • Does our institution have to register with you in order to receive donations?
    Yes, we have to perform some due diligence before we can make a grant to you requested by your donor. Please contact us to check if you are already registered.  
  • How long does it take to register our organisation with you?
    It usually takes us four to five working days plus the time it takes you to return the supporting documents to us. After we receive all of your paperwork it's very simple.  
  • Can our donors give in USD ?
    Yes, we can accept donations in USD, GBP and EUR
  • Can our donors give shares?
    Yes, we can accept donations of publically traded securities.
  • Can you help donors receive tax relief in other EU countries?
    Sometimes this is possible. We would encourage either your donors or yourselves to contact us and we will be happy to look into this further for you.
  • Who from our existing donors can use the CAF American Donor Fund?

    The CAF American Donor Fund is designed for individuals that pay tax in the USA and UK. The CAF American Donor Fund is perfect for donors if they are:

    UK domiciled and resident/USA dual registered.
    UK non-domiciled and resident/USA dual registered.
    UK non-domiciled and non-resident/USA dual registered.
    A UK partner in a USA based LLP.

  • How does it work?
    The donor makes a donation into their CAF American Donor Fund and we send them receipts for UK and US tax purposes.
    We reclaim the basic rate of UK income tax under the Gift Aid scheme and add it to their account.
    They claim back the difference between the basic and higher rates in their self assessment to HMRC.
    They submit the receipt for their donation to the IRS when they file their US tax return.
    They tell us that they would like to support your charitable organisation and, subject to you being an approved beneficiary, we make a grant to your organisation.

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Universities and colleges

Charitable gifts are a critically important source of revenue to universities. The Association of American Universities share key points to note in a brief summary.

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Giving to education

Giving to education is estimated to have increased 6.2 percent (4.0 percent adjusted for inflation) to $58.90 billion according to the latest Giving USA 2018 report.

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Alumni charitable giving grows

The Council for Aid to Education reports gifts from Alumni rose by 14.5 Percent to reach USD 11.37 billion in 2017.

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Mark Greer

Head of CAF American Donor Fund

Mark leads the CAF American Donor Fund team and works with our private clients and their families to help achieve their philanthropic ambitions around the world.

Prior to joining CAF, Mark worked as Philanthropy Director at UK Community Foundations and the CEO of the Beacon Awards for Philanthropy. Earlier in his career, Mark led programmes engaged in intercultural work and community development as well as working for a British MP and an ultra high net worth family in Miami, Florida.

Mark Greer
Head of CAF American Donor Fund

Contact Mark via email or telephone on +44 (0) 3000 123 150

Amy Blackwell

Business Development Manager

Amy promotes the benefits of the CAF American Donor Fund to donors and beneficiaries around the world. Amy is an American expat and has lived in London for nine years.

Previously, Amy was a broker with Merrill Lynch private banking with a focus on collaboration with tax advisors. Her expertise also includes chairing charitable organisations, managing volunteers, sitting on grant and political action committees, raising funds and being a board member of a South African health and education charity. She has an honours degree in American History from Northwestern University and a MSc from LSE in International Development-Humanitarian Emergencies. 

Amy Blackwell

Business Development Manager, CAF American Donor Fund

Contact Amy via email or telephone on +44 (0) 3000 123 150 

Helen Westgate

Client Manager

Helen is the primary point of contact for our clients and helps to plan and support their giving. Helen brings many years of wealth management experience to the team.

Before joining CAF, Helen worked at UBS for seven years and has ten years of wealth management experience, having previously worked for Cheviot Asset Management. At UBS, she was responsible for the day-to-day management of portfolios on behalf of high net worth individuals, primarily resident in the UK.

Helen Westgate
Client Manager, CAF American Donor Fund

Contact Helen via email or telephone on +44 (0) 3000 123 150

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The CAF American Donor Fund is the trading name of Southampton Row Trust Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales with company number 3900842 and with the Charity Commission registered charity number 1079020. Southampton Row Trust Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of CAF America, a US 501 (c) (3) public charity. CAF America Employer Identification Number (EIN) 43-1634280.

Registered Office: 25 Kings Hill Avenue, West Malling, Kent ME19 4TA, United Kingdom.

*Make gifts from the CAF American Donor Fund to charitable organisations around the world, provided these are of good repute and either are already recognised or are capable of being recognised as charitable under UK and US law.

Telephone lines are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (excluding UK bank holidays).