Philanthropy can play a critical role in bridging divisions within society and making a difference to those in need.

 CAF can help you to:

  • Achieve a greater social impact with your philanthropy, thanks to our global expertise and 90 years' experience in the charitable sector.
  • Find bold and entrepreneurial solutions to help connect your philanthropy goals to your charitable causes across the world.
  • Support positive change through our tax-effective giving vehicles - including the CAF Charitable Trust, the CAF American Donor Fund and CAF Venturesome, our social investment platform.

If philanthropists are willing to step up to this challenge, the years ahead could come to be seen as philanthropy's finest hour..."

Rhodri Davies Giving Thought Programme Leader, Charities Aid Foundation
What challenges and opportunities could philanthropists face now and in the future? Read our Brave New World 2017 blog.


CAF Charitable Trust

Our CAF Charitable Trust is simple to set up and allows you to plan your philanthropy journey to support charitable causes across the world.

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CAF American Donor Fund

If you are an individual paying tax in the UK and US and looking for a smart, tax effective way to give to charity, we can help.

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Social investment

We help you support causes you’re passionate about by lending to UK registered charities and social enterprises working in the UK and abroad.

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Together can we make this philanthropy's finest hour?

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Brave New World 2017

David Stead, our Director of Philanthropy explains how, despite an uncertain world, CAF can help you achieve more with your giving.

Philanthropy's finest hour?

We ask - can philanthropy play a key role in healing some of society's divisions?

Philanthropy: a gift or investment?

How socially-conscious investors are balancing approaches to philanthropy.