August 2016

Spotlight on the Private Client Team: Meet Jon Kinnell

                            Jon Kinnell

Jon Kinnell is our International and UHNW Client Manager here at Charities Aid Foundation (CAF). 

Describe your journey into your current role at CAF:

Travelling extensively and living in South East Asia, Japan, Hawaii and the Pacific Islands for many years led me to believe I would go fighting and kicking into adulthood. However, when I arrived in the UK in 2004 hoping to build on a successful hotel career and open my own hotel, I found this goal wasn’t as charming or prestigious as I had originally thought. With my newly found adult status, I worked out that hotel management and I weren’t really compatible. Seeking a change in direction, I went back to study Corporate Banking at University College London. After some time working in the Specialist Charity Team at The Co-operative Bank, I made my transition into CAF in January 2011 and I have been here for five years now. At CAF, I am able to apply my knowledge and experience in working with charities in order to benefit donors.

What charities or causes do you support?

I have a passionate dislike of injustice. I am embarrassed that we have this in our own country, however, I feel there are people far more needy than us and, as global citizens, we should do more to support those less fortunate around the world. Amnesty International and Global Citizen are two organisations which feed my drive for knowledge and to be informed. I also support Global Giving, a UK registered charity, which operates to give people a hand up rather than hand out through funding development projects in over 100 countries. With Global Giving, I choose the projects to invest in and follow the progress of the projects which helps me to understand the positive change my actions can have, not only on individuals but also on the wider family and community.

What one piece of advice would you give to new philanthropists?

Be disruptive and ask “why?” Challenge the norm. I fear that a lot of charities may become irrelevant in the future because they choose to stick to outdated operating models and constantly ask for donor funding. Instead, why not recognise the resources that organisations have through their supporters and leverage that support. For example, rather than the constant ask for funding, why not explore how donors can help them become sustainable? This would alleviate pressures on charity from the focus on funding, and help them do what they do best - delivering on their social mission. 

Contact Jon at CAF:
Telephone: 03000 123 235
Contact with Jon on LinkedIn here

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