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Our round up of recent CAF philanthropy reports, videos, articles and podcasts.

  • Strong and Stable for the Many, Not the Few: our paper, published before the 2017 Queen’s Speech, explores what the recent election campaign and political climate means for society, and the ways in which charities can help to tackle some of the challenges that the country faces.

  • Help charities to weather the storms: listen to the recording from our recent webinar to find out more CAF Resilience, an exciting new opportunity for private clients to help small charities in the UK grow stronger.

  • CAF UK Giving Report 2017: the definitive account of how people in the UK support good causes. Our report looks at individual donations and gives an insight into who gives to charity, what causes they support and how they like to support them.

  • Watch our CAF UK Giving Report 2017 video.

  • Social Landscape 2017: find out more about how rising demand and an increasingly tough financial environment may be pushing some organisations to breaking point.

  • Giving Thought podcasts: our in-house think tank brings you a bi-weekly exploration of trends in global philanthropy and civil society. In each episode, your host Rhodri Davies takes a contemporary issue in philanthropy and civil society and break it down into three manageable chunks, giving an overview of the extensive work he's done on the subject and suggesting further reading.

  • Partnering in international giving: Watch our video to hear more from David Stead, our Director of Philanthropy, on how CAF can be the perfect giving partner for your international giving.

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