A gift or investment?

How socially-conscious investors are balancing approaches to philanthropy.

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The Future of Philanthropy series

Browse our reports to keep up-to-date with emerging developments within the philanthropy field. The four-part series explores how the young and wealthy will shape the future of giving, and includes interviews with our clients and managers.

  • Butterfly
Our final ‘Future of Philanthropy’ study reveals how social change is being driven by wealthy UK donors, whose roots lie in other parts of the world.
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In the third report in our series, we discover how innovative philanthropists are rising to today's giving challenges.
  • catalyst_lotus_54
'Catalysts for change' is the second in our Future of Philanthropy series and looks at philanthropy in our smaller, more connected world.
  • Star
Find out what matters to young, wealthy givers - Y-Givers - and how their attitudes and influence may shape philanthropy in the future.