In the face of a challenging time for charities, we explore the role that young philanthropists can play to shape a bright future. Browse our reports to keep up-to-date with emerging developments within the philanthropy field.
  • diversity inclusion 150

    Philanthropy, diversity and inclusion

    12 November 2019 - In this episode of our Giving Thought podcast, we explore the strengths and weaknesses of philanthropy through its historic role in campaigns for social change.
  • chatbot ai 150

    Digital transformation and the non-profit world, with Beth Kanter

    29 October 2019 - In this episode of our Giving Thought Podcast, we chat to @bethkanter about digital transformation, social media and what Artificial Intelligence might mean for the non-profit world.
  • Stars of philanthropy

    The future stars of philanthropy

    Find out what matters to young, wealthy givers - Y-Givers - and how their attitudes and influence may shape philanthropy in the future.
  • Catalysts for change

    Catalysts for change

    'Catalysts for change 2013' is the second in our Future of Philanthropy series and looks at philanthropy in our smaller, more connected world.
  • Innovation in Giving

    In the third report in our series, we discover how innovative philanthropists are rising to today's giving challenges.
  • International Giving

    International Giving

    Our final ‘Future of Philanthropy’ study reveals how social change is being driven by wealthy UK donors, whose roots lie in other parts of the world.


Philanthropy: a gift or investment?

How socially-conscious investors are balancing approaches to philanthropy.

The art of adaptation

How philanthropic behaviour reveals wealthy donors’ attitudes towards philanthropy advice and their expectations of advisers.

Public Good by Private Means

Rhodri Davies' book tells the story of philanthropy through the ages, and examines the relationship between philanthropists, the state and society.