Our Future of Philanthropy series explores the role that young, wealthy individuals could play in shaping a bright future for giving.

International Giving, the fourth and final report in the series, investigates the social impact that British donors, whose origins lie outside of the UK, are engineering across international borders with their pioneering spirit.

The study’s fascinating findings – drawn from a survey of 1,000 wealthy donors in the UK – are enriched by interviews with our clients and managers to reveal the underlying motivations of philanthropists that drive their giving.

By comparing and contrasting the giving approaches of three cultural groups of major donors, we explore:

  • Influence of cultural heritage: What nuances distinguish the giving approaches of these disparate cultures? How are different traditions combining to shape the evolution of UK philanthropy?
  • Power of a personal connection: How do donors' origins influence choices of where to direct their giving? Why are local causes operating on the ground especially attractive to philanthropists?
  • Team bonding: How can organisations impress wealthy donors at the outset? Which methods of engagement rise in importance as the relationship matures between donors and the causes they support?
  • Cross-pollination of ideas: What are the cultural driving forces behind the growth of social investment within developing nations? For which areas of their giving do philanthropists most value advice?

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