Getting expert advice

Maximise the impact of your giving

The opportunities to contribute to wider society have never been greater or more exciting, but it can be difficult to choose where to focus your support and to ensure your efforts have a real impact. Whether you are giving as an individual, a family or an institution, we can provide you all the information and support you need to operate with maximum effectiveness.

With abundant experience in the charity sector, our expert advisors can help you get the most from your philanthropy at any stage of its development by:

  • working with you to design your giving strategy and ensuring it is sustainable
  • helping you explore the causes that most resonate with you, and identify the specific organisations and projects you want to support
  • assessing the best way to support them, helping you determine objectives and target investments
  • arranging site visits to see first hand where you are helping
  • reviewing grant applications and making donations on your behalf
  • helping you to measure the success and impact of your giving and revise your giving strategy accordingly
  • setting up and administering a grant-making foundation in your name

For more information about taking your giving further, visit the CAF Charitable Trust page.

Contact us now, or call us on 03000 123 334, and one of our expert advisors will be happy to provide a quotation based on your needs.


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