AJ Finch is a 46-year old computer programmer who lives in Tunbridge Wells. The investment bank he works for offers payroll giving, so most of his charitable giving goes through this mechanism.

The bulk of his donations goes to the church he regularly attends, but he and his wife also give regularly to his old school and to sponsor a child in Rwanda.
“I think it’s right to give a fair bit away, as well as giving some of your time and energy to people who need it. Supporting causes you care about is great fun, but it’s not just about giving money. If you are personally involved with the group you give to it means 100 times more.

“Being able to give is a privilege – there’s nothing better than putting a smile on someone’s face and giving money is a great way to do that. I like to give regularly so that charities have some sense of sustainability, but I have also enjoyed giving one-off gifts. When I was self-employed, I bought the coffee machine for a charity that was setting up a coffee shop and it was great to be able to provide something concrete for them.

My faith informs my giving and when I give regularly to the church it is nice to know that I am contributing towards a church project or towards paying the salary of one of its workers. I think as a society to some extent we don’t value giving enough, but it’s encouraging being in a church where you can clearly see the generosity of other congregation members.