Amy Bright, 75, is a retired project manager living in Crediton, Devon, with her husband. They have been giving to charities and their local church from very early on in their marriage and set up a CAF Charity Account for their charitable giving in the 1970's.

As Christians, they set aside 10% of their gross income to give to the church they regularly attend and to a range of predominately Christian-based charities.

“Our giving is based on the belief that everything we have belongs to God and that we should give back both to the church and those in need. We started giving following a church campaign to get people thinking about how to give generously and steward their money well. At the time we had a small income and a large mortgage, but we started giving and its just grown from there.

“If you have some of the good things in life, it is important to consider helping those who don’t. We encouraged our two children to give to charity and used to get them to put a small amount of their pocket money in the church collection box each week so that they were encouraged to be generous from an early age.

"From my experience as a church treasurer, I am led to believe that people do not give much and people are quick to use the financial crisis and their own disadvantages as an excuse not to give, even if they may be very well off compared to those in need. It’s a shame, as they are missing out on the warm feeling you get from knowing  that your money is having  an impact.”