David Bee, 63, is a part-retired veterinary surgeon living in Buriton in Hampshire.

“My wife and I have been giving away 10% of our gross income every year for about 20 years. We support a variety of charities financially, including Bristol Refugee Rights, where our daughter works part time. It makes all the difference when you know someone who works at the charity you are supporting as you can really see your support having an impact.

“I also go every year to East Africa to do voluntary veterinary work for a charity and I am currently training to do a 140 mile cycle ride to raise money for Christian Aid. We also support the Church Urban Fund and I’m a voluntary speaker for them. So our support goes much further than just giving away 10% of our income.

“Giving money to charities is an entirely win-win situation. The money you donate does a lot of good and you are a happier person if you are generous with what you’ve got.”