CAF Social Impact Fund

The CAF Social Impact Fund is an innovative way for donors to support charities. Through the fund we loan your money to charities that need your support. When they repay it we loan it again and again, meaning your money has multiple impacts.

CAF Charitable Trust customers can easily make investments into the CAF Social Impact Fund. It works like this:

1. From your CAF Charitable Trust, you can invest £10,000 or more into the CAF Social Impact Fund.

2. After expert due diligence and risk assessment, the full value of your investment is lent to charities and social enterprises that need your suppport. Our rigorous due diligence process ensures all charities supported deliver clear social impact.

3. The charities use the investment to support their development, enabling them to achieve more impact.

4. The charity repays CAF the investment, plus interest that pays for the administration of the CAF Social Impact Fund.

5. With the recycled money we can lend to other charities, until the maturity of your investment.

6. We expect to repay your investment into your CAF Charitable Trust at maturity, for you to reinvest or donate in whatever way you choose.

Please note that investment always carries some risk so we cannot guarantee to repay your investment, although less than 5% of the £20m social investments we made between 2002 and 2010 were written off.

For more details of how the fund works please download a brochure and the Terms and conditions.

Interested in becoming a social investor?

Contact us by completing our online form or speak to one of our team by calling 03000 123 028.


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