The Sapta Rishi Charitable Trust was set up in 2007 by two doctors from Manchester, a couple with long careers in medicine and medical research. They are focusing on improving healthcare in India, with a specific aim to support the Sapta Rishi Hospital in Jabalpur (central India).

The long term plans for the hospital are to focus on three specific areas of healthcare: family planning, neonatal and childcare and diabetes. They hope that the work will have an impact not only locally, but also throughout the country.


We were approached to assist with the couple’s ambitious plans and recommended a CAF Charitable Trust as the right strategic vehicle to build their vision, allowing them to plan and raise funds for a future which has the potential to change many lives. One of the most significant causes of the problems that exist in India is overpopulation, which, despite a reduction in the rate of population growth, has increased to 1.22 billion.

Family planning therefore remains a priority. Smaller family sizes have the potential to improve the health, economic welfare, quality of life and educational standards not only of the family, in particular women, but also of the community and ultimately of the state. The couple work to improve maternity services, reduce gynaecological disease, improve early diagnosis of cancer and improve the general prevention of the disease.

The trust has also been focusing its support on the education, early diagnosis and treatment of diabetes. In India, the incidence of diabetes is significantly higher than that in the UK, and no organised care exists.

We are inspired by the couple behind this vital work and remain committed to supporting other clients with challenging projects such as these.


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