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Giving to charity


CAF Give As You Earn is an easy way to donate to the causes you care about straight from your pay.



During this global crisis, many charities are facing financial difficulties and struggling to deliver much needed support to the most vulnerable and to our communities. Visit our COVID-19 hub for further information, including about our CAF Coronavirus Emergency Fund,  and how you can support the charitable sector right now.

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The UK’s first and biggest payroll giving scheme

With payroll giving (also known as workplace giving) you’re providing charities with a regular income, to allow them to plan and budget for the future.

Donations are taken before tax, which means the charity gets more of your donation and it costs you less. It also means that charities don’t have to claim Gift Aid, so there’s less admin for them – and they can get on with supporting their beneficiaries.

You can give to any organisation recognised as charitable by HMRC.

Watch our short video to find out more about payroll giving.

How payroll giving benefits charities

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CAF Give As You Earn helps over 2,700 companies and 250,000 staff to give over £74million simply, securely and tax-effectively to charity each year.

Since 1987, over £1.3billion has been given through CAF Give As You Earn.

Find out how we’re celebrating 30 years of payroll giving


Donate straight from your pay before tax

Your donation is calculated after your National Insurance contribution, but before Income Tax is deducted; this means part of your donation comes from money that would otherwise have been taken by HMRC.

How is CAF Give As You Earn tax-effective?

Our fees

As part of our payroll giving scheme, we take a small admin fee of 4% (capped at a maximum of £10 per pay period) for direct donations to charity.

For donations into a CAF Charity Account, we deduct a small contribution each time you top-up your account.

Cumulative payments into account  % rate
Maximum fee
 Up to £22,500 4% £900.00
 £22,500.01 to £123,500 1% £1010.00
 More than £123,500 0% £0

Many employers choose to pay these fees on behalf of their employees – check with your HR or Payroll Manager.


How much will my monthly donation amount cost me?

Simply move the slider below to set your donation amount. This will automatically calculate your total monthly donation to charity.

The cost to you monthly as a 20% tax rate payer
The cost to you monthly as a 40% tax rate payer
The cost to you monthly as a 45% tax rate payer

Your total monthly donation to charity


There are two ways to give to charity through CAF Give As You Earn:

1 Donate directly to a named charity or charities.

The money goes straight from your gross pay to your named charities.

2 Open a CAF Charity Account, funded by CAF Give As You Earn, to manage your giving.

The money goes from your pay into a CAF Charity Account. You can then manage your donations easily from this account, setting up regular donations, sending one-off donations and donating anonymously too.


Ask your HR or Payroll Manager whether your company has signed up to CAF Give As You Earn and if so, how you can join the payroll giving scheme.

My employer hasn't signed up

If your employer hasn’t signed up to CAF Give As You Earn, let us know. We can contact them on your behalf to discuss our payroll giving scheme.


  • My charity hasn’t received my donation – what should I do?
    If you’re a new employee, and you haven’t had your first donation deducted, please speak to your HR or payroll department, as it may take some time for them to add your donation details to the system.

    If you’ve already had your donation deducted from your pay, please contact your HR or payroll department to find out whether they’ve sent the donations listings to us.
  • How can a charity claim Gift Aid on my CAF Give As You Earn donation?
    Because your donation is made through your pay, it’s already tax-effective. This means that the charity will have already received the maximum donation and won’t need to claim Gift Aid on your donation.
  • What if I change employers?
    If you make payroll giving donations into a CAF Charity Account, and your new employer doesn’t offer CAF Give As You Earn, you can still give to your favourite causes by switching to a Gift Aid CAF Charity Account.

    Once your new account is open, we can transfer any funds from the CAF Charity Account that was funded through CAF Give As You Earn.
  • I’m an employer – how can I get involved?

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We offer a range of products and services to help you get the most out of giving.

Give to the causes you care about

CAF Charity Account

You put a little aside when you have it, to support your favourite causes whenever you want.

A better way to give
Make a real difference with a CAF Trust

CAF Charitable Trust

If you want to give more than £10,000, the CAF Charitable Trust is the most flexible way to support your favourite causes.

Start transforming lives around the world
Continue giving to charity after you're gone

CAF Charitable Legacy Service

Leave a gift to charity in your Will and carry on supporting the causes you care about after you’re gone.

Leave a lasting legacy
Giving for UK-US taxpayers

CAF American Donor Fund

Make the most of your giving if you pay tax in the UK and US.

Giving made easy for dual taxpayers