CAF Give As You Earn - frequently asked questions

How do I make a change to my CAF Give As You Earn donation?

To make changes to your CAF Give As You Earn donation, including amending the amount you give, changing the charity you donate to or adding a one-off donation, complete the same Donor Instruction Form you used to register for CAF Give As You Earn. This form should then be submitted to us and to your payroll department.

Find out where to send the Donor Instruction Form.

Is tax reclaimed on my CAF Give As You Earn donation?

The donation is made from your gross pay, ie before you pay any tax, so there's no need to reclaim tax on a CAF Give As You Earn donation. The donation lands straight in the charity’s bank account free of tax.

Which organisations can I donate to?

You can donate to the UK charitable organisation of your choice – both registered and unregistered charities are eligible for donations. You can also give to any organisation recognised by HMRC as charitable. This includes:

  • churches
  • health authorities
  • hospitals (not private)
  • Scout and Girl Guide groups
  • universities and schools
  • Parent Teacher Associations
  • community groups

If you need some inspiration, our Charity Search can help.

Do I have to give to the same charity every month? What happens if I want to respond to an emergency appeal?

If you don’t want to elect a charity in advance you can open a CAF Charity Account. You can transfer a tax-free amount each month into the account and then make a donation from your account whenever you want, using your CAF Voucher Book, CAF CharityCard or online. It is also possible to make one-off donations to charity through CAF Give As You Earn simply by completing a new Donor Instruction Form.

Is there any limit to the size of donation I can give through payroll giving?

There is no limit to how much you can donate through CAF Give As You Earn. There's also no official minimum for direct donations, but we usually recommend that you give at least £5 a month. If you open a CAF Charity Account you must top up a minimum of £10 a month or £120 a year.

Why hasn’t my charity received my donation?

We send donations to charities on or around the 22nd of each month. Due to the time it takes to process all donations these payments cover all funds deducted from your salary the previous month. So if you make a donation to charity from your January salary, the charity will receive your donation on or after the 22 February.

Donations can be delayed if your employer doesn't provide us with the necessary report and funds by the end of the calendar month in which the deductions are made.

Will the charity know I have donated to them?

CAF Give As You Earn donations are disbursed in total via Bacs to the charity’s bank account quoting a CAF Give As You Earn reference number only.

Charities can opt to receive a CAF Give As You Earn disbursement statement from us, showing the breakdown of payments received each month from individual donors. Your name and donation will appear unless you have opted to remain anonymous.

I've pledged to give £5 per month from my salary to my charity of choice. Why don’t they receive exactly £5?

We deduct a 4% administration fee from each donation (up to a total of £10 per donation), unless your employer opts to pay this on your behalf. Find out more about our fees.


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