What happens next?

Once we’ve received and processed your Donor Instruction Form we’ll send you a welcome letter.

Each pay period (or period you selected e.g. monthly, quarterly or annually) your payroll department will deduct the amount specified on the Donor Instruction Form from your salary and send this to us along with a list of all employees donating from your company.

We’ll then process the funds and distribute them according to your wishes, as specified on the Donor Instruction Form.

We pay donations to charities directly to their bank account via Bacs. We do not include your name on the donation - but if you’ve opted to be identified to your charity, they can apply to receive this information from us.

Payments are made on, or around, the 22nd of the month following the deduction of the donation from your salary and will take up to three days to clear.

Payments into CAF Charity Accounts and CAF Staff Charity Accounts will be made as soon as possible on receipt of the funds and report from your employer.

Amending your instructions

If you wish to:

  • Amend the amount you give
  • Change the charity which you give to
  • Add another charity
  • Add a one-off donation
  • Set up a CAF Charity Account

You'll need to complete a new Donor Instruction Form and send a copy to the department responsible for your organisation’s CAF Give As You Earn scheme and to us. Scan in the form and email it to difprocessing@cafonline.org or send it by post to:

CAF Give As You Earn,
Charities Aid Foundation,
25 Kings Hill Avenue,
West Malling,
ME19 4TA


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Frequently asked questions

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