You are a

Your traits:
Caring, generous, optimistic, passionate, liberal

The saying you live by:
It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving

Your giving qualities:

  • You're passionate and actively give to charities when and where you can
  • You are optimistic and focused on making the world a better place
  • You care and would be the first to donate your time and money to emergency appeals
  • You like to get actively involved and to see the impact you've made to the charities you support
  • You base your giving decisions on emotions rather than on principles

As a Bright Giver, you're passionate about all sorts of causes; always looking for new and different ways to give. Your friends and family would describe you as friendly, caring and always going the extra mile for them.

Like your celebrity giving match, Angelina Jolie, you like to be actively involved with the charities you support. You fundraise and volunteer whenever possible and your generosity doesn't go unnoticed; you're always giving as much as you can afford.

You're dedicated to making the world a better place. You're happy for the charities you support to keep in touch with you, that way you can learn about any new developments and opportunities to support them.

As a Bright Giver you base your decisions on emotions rather than principles, so you tend to support a range of charities whose appeals have touched your heart. Planning and structuring your giving may be something to explore to help get the most out of your time and money.


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