You are a

Your traits:
Careful, thoughtful, consistent, and realistic

The saying you live by:
Be the change you want to see in the world

Your giving qualities:

  • You prefer to give to charities that have an impact on your local community or when you can easily measure their impact
  • You like to think carefully and plan your giving, often spending time researching a charity before donating
  •  You don't like to feel bombarded by charity requests to donate more money
  • Giving makes you feel good - as well as helping others

As a Local Giver, you're generous and careful with where you donate your money. You enjoy giving and like the feeling you get when you've made a difference. Your strong moral compass means you want to know how the money you donate is being spent, so you tend to stick with causes that have an impact on your local community, friends and family.

Like your celebrity giving match, Adele, you want to make an impact but you don't want to be contacted by charities unless it's absolutely necessary. You find charities' marketing appeals irritating, intrusive and tend to ignore them.

As a realist you understand the money that charities have is tight, so you like to plan and take your time in deciding when and how you'll give to charity. You need to know that the charities you're donating to are genuine and can show you how they are spending donations.


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The CAF Charity Account is the perfect tool to help you plan your donations. With all your charitable money in one place, and a range of ways to donate from your account, managing your giving couldn't be easier. The CAF Charity Account validates all charities, so you know that your money is going to a genuine cause. Did you know that you can also donate anonymously to avoid direct contact with your chosen causes?