You are a

Your traits:
Practical, helpful, sympathetic, considerate, active

The saying you live by:
There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up

Your giving qualities:

  • You're savvy with your giving
  • You believe in the future of charities
  • You like to get involved in causes that reflect your personal beliefs and experiences
  • You are sympathetic to causes and active in supporting them

As a Loyal Giver, you have a strong connection to the causes you care about and believe in the impact of your donations. You like to plan your giving and usually donate your time and money to charities that reflect your personal beliefs and experiences.

You're a savvy giver; always looking for opportunities to make money for the causes you care about. You add Gift Aid to your donations when possible, get sponsored for activities you take part in and scour your home for items to donate.

Like your celebrity giving match, Elton John, you're loyal to specific causes and tend to focus your efforts on making a real impact.

Your friends and family say that you're loyal, sympathetic and always there to lend a helping hand. Your understanding nature reflects positively on the charity sector as you appreciate the admin costs required to keep a charity afloat.


Recommended product: CAF Give As You Earn


A CAF Give As You Earn scheme, offered by many employers, is the most tax-effective way for you to donate to charity when you're employed. Donating to the charity of your choice directly from your salary gives you and the charity you choose to support some unique payday benefits.

If you are self-employed and would like an alternative way to give, the CAF Charity Account is the perfect solution for you. Like CAF Give As You Earn, you can give tax-effectively.