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Three hundred and fifty miles east of Delhi, in the small town of Banbasa, is an orphanage that provides a home for numerous children.

And earlier this year, The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission and its pupils were able to celebrate the opening of a new building, the first library in the area, as a result of the latest partnership between CAF’s Private Client Team and the organisation.

In addition to providing a safe space, the Mission is a self-sustaining institution with a working farm and a school all-in-one, teaching children academia but also giving them vocational skills to be able to enter the job market.

Originally created in 2013 to provide a free, world-class education for all Mission kids, the Maxton Strong School now boasts nearly 800 additional students from the surrounding community. With so much demand and exponential growth, the school has needed to expand in recent years.

Which is when CAF—working with a generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous—got involved.

“We came across the Mission at an important time in our lives,” the donor said, “and helping lift these beautiful children up has been enormously satisfying for us.”

The Sam Saxena Memorial Learning Resource Centre that opened this past May is the latest improvement project CAF has facilitated with the Mission, helping also to construct a new science wing in 2016 and to overhaul the Mission kitchen facilities later that same year.


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More than a building

“Since we set up the foundation with CAF,” the donor explained, “we have sent the majority of the funds to them. We obviously did not know how to carry out a lot of the verification processes, so we were glad to have that taken off our hands. Mostly, we were just so pleased to see the library open its doors.”

Because a library is more than a building, after all.

As a plaque says outside the library doors: “It is a celebration of all that is possible in this life. To learn, to grow, to experience the wonders of our world and to explore the richness of human achievement. For everyone, then, who enters through these doors, we hope it helps you achieve your full potential, creating as it does a living legacy that will grow and expand, far into the future.”

As the first library in the area, for the current students and for students not yet born, this is one CAF project that will be impacting lives for many years to come.

Find out more about the Mission here and learn more about the Maxton Strong School here.

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