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Helena Neave

Private Client Advisor
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On 16th April 2020, our Private Client team hosted a call to provide our clients an update of CAF’s response toward the COVID-19 pandemic. We also used this opportunity for our clients to share feedback about how they would like CAF to facilitate them during this time.

It was great to hear how many of our clients have increased their support toward the charitable sector during this unprecedented time. Many continue to support organisations they previously have donated to, to help them weather the storm. Many clients have also reacted to this pandemic by changing their giving behaviour supporting organisations in need which are not part of their normal giving strategy.

We had a great discussion, with many client queries focusing on the longer term impacts that COVID-19 will have, including:

  • Understanding the challenges that will arise in developing countries due to the pandemic
  • Understanding the impacts on the environment, particularly in a policy context
  • How to help re-build society to be more resilient
  • What donors can learn from this pandemic in terms of their philanthropic behaviour and strategy

It is inspiring to see how many donors are stepping up to help charities address their immediate needs to help them survive this pandemic. But what particularly stood out is how many of our clients are using this downtime during lockdown to think about the impact that they want their philanthropy to have. We hope to continue seeing this longer term thinking even after the pandemic subsides, and that CAF can continue to facilitate this.

Over the coming months, we will continue to work with our clients to curate COVID-19 related content and events addressing their questions around giving.

Our provisional time table:




May 2020

Virtual conversation

CAF Coronavirus Emergency Fund Update

May 2020


The Sunday Times Giving List

May 2020

Virtual conversation

How CAF is supporting charities civil society to survive/weather the storm

June 2020

Virtual conversation

Invite to event importance of directing resources to the developing world


July 2020


Implications of COVID-19 on climate change policy

July 2020

Article online

Pandemic preparedness

August 2020

Virtual conversation

Lessons for philanthropy from COVID-19


The time table may be subject to change in line with feedback and support enquiries from our Private Clients. If you would like to participate in any of the events, please email the Private Client Team


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