To receive your CAF Charity Voucher donations quickly and easily, use our online fundraising tool CAF Donate.

Did you know that CAF donors wrote over 360,000 vouchers to support their favourite charities last year? That’s over £100 million donations to charity.

CAF donors are passionate about the causes they give to and donors can reach for their CAF Voucher Books in response to appeals. 

The great news for you is that CAF Donate comes with the ability to process the CAF Charity Vouchers donations you receive online, dramatically reducing the time it takes to receive the funds in your bank account, the cost of postage and also provides you with the reports you need to keep track of your donations.

If you are an existing CAF Donate customer, you can already process CAF Charity Vouchers and CAF Charity Card donations in the Self processing section of CAF Donate, by following a few simple steps. See how easy it is by taking a look at our user guide here.

If you are not a CAF Donate customer you can visit and register for free.