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We all have our own reasons for giving to charity, whether it’s a cause doing great work in your community, a charity that’s helped you or someone you know, or simply a charity whose work inspires you. Every act of giving has a story, not just at Christmas but throughout the year.

Imagine making your giving a whole lot simpler!

The heart of your giving

The CAF Charity Account means you can take care of your giving, all from one place. Over the course of a year, it’s easy to lose track of how much and who you’ve given to, so with one account for all your giving, you’ll know exactly what you’ve paid out.

And, if you choose to manage your account online, you’ll have instant access to your donation history, and be able to top up and make donations as and when you wish with the charity search function. It’s easy to give a gift that matters at any time of year.

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Three great reasons to open a CAF Charity Account

Flexible giving

Set money aside to sponsor friends or respond to emergency appeals.

More to give

Complete one Gift Aid Form and get an extra 25% on top of all eligible donations.

Anonymous giving

Donate to your favourite causes online and make anonymous gifts if you wish.

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Your giving, your way

We think you’ll love giving with a CAF Charity Account.

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Other ways to support your favourite causes:

In addition to the CAF Charity Account, there are other ways to support your favourite charities this season and beyond.


Make a one-off donation

You can support a local charity, or a cause close to your heart, it’s easy to donate to them online.

Find a charity and donate

Make a difference in 2020

If you want some imaginative ways to support the causes you care about, we’ve got some great ideas.

25 ways to make a difference

Start your philanthropy journey today

Whether you want to give £10,000 or millions to charity, together we can help you achieve more for the causes you care about.

Find out about CAF Charitable Trust


Why do people give?

Have you ever wondered why people make charitable donations? We’ve got the inside info on why people give.

Donate unwanted presents

You don’t have to hide unwanted presents – do some good with the gifts that leave you uninspired.

How to use social media to support charities

It’s really easy to get involved with your favourite causes via social media.