Making a donation - Frequently asked questions

Whether you're an existing donor or are considering making a donation, our frequently asked questions can help you to make the most of your giving.

  • I can’t find my chosen charity in your charity search

  • Can I search by charity number?

  • Can I get tax relief on my “one-off” donation?

  • Tell me more about Gift Aid

  • Why isn’t my donation eligible for Gift Aid?

  • I live overseas – can I donate?

  • Can I donate anonymously?

  • If I donate by card, how long will it take for the charity to receive my donation?

  • I’m having problems donating

  • Why is my credit/debit card being rejected?

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Making giving safe

We check all charities that we pass donations on to, both in the UK and overseas. This ensures that your gift will be tax-efficient and put to good use.

Find out how we validate charities

Make more of your giving

From ways to donate unwanted gifts, to helping a stranger - we've put together some articles to help you kick-start your giving.

Make the most of your giving