Make the most of your giving

You don't have to give more to do more

We’ve searched far and wide to discover even more ways in which you can support the causes that matter to you. Even better – it doesn’t mean donating more.

Eating well to live well

Sourcing your food locally and in season can contribute to reducing your food carbon footprint. If you do fancy something exotic or out of season, buying Fairtrade means that you’re helping farmers in developing countries to support their families.

Growing your own vegetables is a great way to feed yourself – and if you’re really green-fingered you can donate any surplus to those in need in your community.

Shopping for the greater good

Raise money for charities when you shop online at over 200 stores including Amazon, Marks & Spencer and John Lewis. It doesn’t cost you any more and gives you access to voucher codes and discounts - so you can save yourself money at the same time.

Simply search “shop and raise money” to find a scheme that suits you.

Give as you search

Raise funds for your favourite causes while you search the web.  There are a number of organisations that offer this service - simply type “charity search engine” to find one.

Eat like a king while feeding others

If you’re a foodie, then you might be interested in the growing number of restaurants, cafes and farmers markets designed specifically to benefit the community and charity.

These are often pop-up events - and might take some digging to find - but search “social enterprise restaurants” and you’ll find something to suit you. 
A few well-established restaurants are London’s Waterhouse restaurant, Turl Street Kitchen in Oxford, Edinburgh’s Engine Shed - which runs a vegetarian cafe and organic bakery - and the Riverside Farmers market in Cardiff.

Use your skills to make a difference

Use your skills for professional volunteering to support the causes you care about and really make a difference. Find opportunities by asking charities that you’re already affiliated with or use our charity search to find an organisation local to you.

Campaign for change

This is an oldie but a goodie. Actions - no matter how small - can have a big impact. Signing an online petition or contacting your local MP or businesses in your area can encourage the powers that be to sit up, listen and act.

Many organisations campaign for social change so it’s likely you’ll find one that you feel passionate about. Start by looking at the campaigns your favourite charities are currently running - and don't forget to keep up to date with our campaigning work.

Now it's your turn...

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