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Comic Relief (Red Nose Day)

Registered with the Charity Commission as 326568
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Comic Relief spends the money raised by the public on projects, in the UK and across Africa, that give people a leg-up, not a hand out. In the UK, your money could feed families living below the poverty line and give a lifeline to those living with dementia. Across Africa, your money could help to protect countless mothers and children from deadly diseases, like malaria, and provide thousands of children with life-changing access to education. And all that is just for starters.
01/08/2011£ 89,465,598.00£ 104,308,321.00
01/08/2012£ 114,166,636.00£ 126,434,005.00
01/08/2013£ 84,424,000.00£ 107,262,000.00
01/08/2014£ 106,158,000.00£ 128,776,000.00
01/08/2015£ 92,221,000.00£ 127,804,000.00
01/08/2016£ 104,718,000.00£ 98,556,000.00
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Last Income Value
£ 104,718,000.00
Last Expenditure value
£ 98,556,000.00
Charitable activities
  • Children and Young People
  • Elderly and Old People
  • People of Particular Ethnic or Racial Origin
  • People With Disabilities
  • Relief of Poverty