Waypoint Church

Fareham, UK

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Waypoint Church is a thriving church and the heart of the community it serves on England’s south coast. To extend their worship space and develop their building facilities into a community hub, the church raised over £3 million and borrowed £1.9 million from CAF Bank.

The new building opened shortly before the Covid-19 outbreak. By adapting the use of the space during the lockdown, the church has discovered new ways to make a difference for people in the community.

During the lockdown we interviewed Mark Madavan, Senior Minister at Waypoint Church to find out more about the project.

Seeking more space to grow

Vision. That's what was behind the church's plans for the building, To create a space whereby they could grow and support more people in the community.

"The driver was to make space for people and to connect with more people. That vision is what we were raising money for, that’s what we were funding – it was the need for more space that drove us. Vision is key really."

Funding the project

In addition to the loan from CAF Bank, the church put five percent of their general income away over a period of 13 years. They also received a small amount from grants and through individual fundraising. If you're looking to fund a new project take a look at our guide to financing the future.

Adapting to Covid-19

The new building opened six months before the Covid-19 lockdown. Like countless other charities, the church had to adapt while still staying true to their purpose. As Mark explains, "we had to close down the building but we wanted to use it to still help the community. Our heart is to connect with the community. So we contacted the council and said we want to help those in need."

Advice for other charities

Finally, Mark shares his advice for other charities that are considering undertaking a project like this, "the goal is not the building, it’s to connect with people so my advice is identify that because that is what will drive you when you get to those days where you’re going 'this is too much'". 

It's great advice and something that we consistently see in similar projects we've supported through CAF Bank


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