If you bank with us, you can connect your account to services such as QuickBooks.

Or, if you've got another service you'd like to integrate, we can show you how.

We provide a modified customer interface (MCI) so you can use account information service providers (AISPs) to view your account balance and transaction history, and payment information service providers (PISPs) to make payments.

Are you a third party provider? Register with CAF Bank

If you’re a third party provider (TPP), you will need to complete these steps to connect to our interface:

Step 1 - Regulation

If you are not already, you will need to be an authorised or registered
AISP, PISP or Card Based Payment Institution Issuer (CBPII) with your
national competent authority. In the UK, the national competent
authority is the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Step 2 - Obtain a valid eIDAS certificate

You will need to hold a valid electronic identification and trust service (eIDAS) certificate, issued by a qualified trusted service provider.

Step 3 - Contact us

After completing steps 1 and 2, contact us on 03000 123 456 (9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding English bank holidays). When prompted, choose option 3. We will ask for some contact details before sending you our application form and onboarding policy.

We will process your registration as quickly as we can, but it will take no longer than three months from receipt of your application. We will then contact you to arrange connection to our sandbox testing area, or to explain why your application has been declined.

Step 4 - Join PRETA Open Banking Europe Directory

In order to use our MCI*, you will need to join the PRETA Open Banking Europe Directory. This provides a directory of regulated entities that are able to access account balances, transaction history and make payments on behalf of customers.

* Please note: Although being listed in the PRETA directory is not necessary at the point of registering with us, it is required to interface with our MCI.

Find out more 

For Third Party Providers

Read our FAQs and Summary of Information Document for more details of the onboarding process, CAF Bank services and accounts.

For CAF Bank customers

Read our FAQs about Third Party Providers and their services.