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We're here to help with your questions about banking and finance for your charity.

  • How can I open a CAF Bank account?
    To set up a charity account with CAF Bank you’ll first need to request or download and complete an application pack.

    Our Everyday banking page outlines the features of our bank accounts and how our range of services can help you make the most of your funds.
  • What are CAF Bank’s charges?

    For details of our charges please refer to our Tariff of charges.

  • How long does it take to open a new bank account?

    Once we’ve received all the information we need, we aim to open your account within 12 working days, subject to our administrative checks. CAF Bank's account opening team will contact you if we have any questions about your application.

    Please note that we may return the application to you if the application is not fully completed or we need further information.  If this is the case, we'll list the application content which needs to be corrected.

    You'll receive a letter confirming that the account has been opened.

    If you’re transferring Standing Orders or Direct Debits into a CAF Cash Account, we aim to have these in place within 12 working days, once we’ve received the relevant information from your existing bank.

  • What can I do to help ensure the account opening process goes smoothly?

    To help the account opening process to go smoothly, please:

    • Complete the forms carefully. You'll find clearly signposted guidance within the application forms to help you complete each section.
    • Use the checklists within the form to double check that you've completed the forms correctly and enclosed the documentation needed to accompany your application.
    • Please ensure that the form is signed.

    If you have any queries during the application process, please contact our Customer Service team on 03000 123 456 (Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm, except English bank holidays) or by emailing cafbank@cafonline.org.

    While we’re happy to correspond by email, we won’t discuss or send sensitive or confidential information electronically.

  • How do we apply for online banking or a Business card(s) when we apply for a new account?

    The application forms for our online banking service and Business card are included within our application pack.

  • Is there a minimum balance required to open a CAF Bank account?

    You can open a CAF bank account with as little as £1,000.

  • How will our Standing Orders and Direct Debits from our existing account be transferred to our new CAF Cash Account?

    Standing Orders and Direct Debits paid from your account

    At present, CAF Bank isn't part of the Current Account Switch Service, but we have a simple process to ensure that your payments are transferred effectively and quickly.

    Simply complete the section within the new account application form, so that we can contact your existing bankers for full details of the existing Standing Orders and Direct Debits paid from your account. Once we've received their response we'll contact you to confirm the payments you'd like to be transferred.

    After we’ve received the relevant information from your existing bank, we'll aim to put everything in place for you within 12 working days.

    We recommend that you maintain sufficient funds in your old account until you're sure that everything has been successfully transferred across to your new CAF Cash Account.

    Standing Orders and Direct Debits Paid into your account

    You'll need to contact the originators of any Standing Orders paid to your existing account to advise them that your bank account details have changed.

    If you have more than 250 Standing Orders paid into your existing current account, then please let us know, as we may be able to have them transferred to your new account electronically.

    For Direct Debits paid to your account, we recommend that you speak to your Bacs Bureau.

    Visit the CAF Bank Bacs Bureau service page for details of a secure, efficient way to collect Direct Debits and make payments.

  • Is there a maximum balance that can be held on a CAF Bank account?

    There is an upper limit of £1.5million which may be held on a CAF Gold Account.

    There are no upper limits for deposits which may be held on a CAF Cash Account.

  • Can our CAF Cash Account go overdrawn?

    No, accounts cannot go overdrawn without agreement in the normal course of Business. However we can consider secured overdrafts above £50,000 by agreement.

    If you're considering a secured loan of between £50,000 and £5million, repayable over 2-25 years, to help your charity grow, we are keen to talk to you now. Contacting us is confidential and obligation-free.

  • Are there any restrictions on the transactions which can be made from a CAF Cash Account?

    There's no limit to the amount a cheque may be drawn for and paid (subject to the cleared balance on your account).

    You may draw up to £250,000 on demand – larger amounts may require up to seven days' notice.

    Business card transactions may be subject to limits, which we may apply as part of security measures from time to time.

  • Can we pay salaries from our CAF Cash Account?

    Yes. You can make salary payments free of charge using our Online QuickPay service.

    You can also make salary and other payments using our Bacs Bureau service.

  • Are there any restrictions on the transactions which can be made from a CAF Gold Account?

    A CAF Gold Account is an instant access savings account, so it does not come with a cheque book.

    You may withdraw up to £250,000 on demand – larger amounts may require up to seven days' notice.

    Transfers may be made to your CAF Cash Account and/or the nominated account specified in your account application - but not to other third party accounts, including to pay salaries.


Our expert team is here to help with any questions you have about charity banking.

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