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We're here to help you with any online banking queries. We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions, to help you find the answer you're after.

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Common Questions 

  • How do I log in to CAF Bank Online?
    Log in here
  • Why should I log out of CAF Bank Online using the log-out button?
    You might not receive secure messages if you don’t use the log-out button.
  • What is CAF Bank UniqueCode?

    CAF Bank UniqueCode is the Two Factor Authentication feature of Online Banking. It is sometimes referred to as a one-time passcode.

    You will be prompted to register for CAF Bank UniqueCode, when you first log in. Once you're registered, you will use this feature to generate or receive a unique code each time you want to:

    - Log in to CAF Bank Online.
    - View or change your online banking details.
    - Manage your online users.
    - Authorise a payment.

  • How do I change my mobile number?
    If you still have access to your previous mobile number then log in as usual, and change your device in UniqueCode settings in the 'My details' section.

    If you don't have access to your previous mobile number, please call our Customer Services team on 03000 123 456 (Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm, except English bank holidays).If you have online access only, please ask either a signatory or your primary contact to call.
  • Why do I need to open and action CAF Bank Online secure messages?

    You’ll receive an email to notify you when there is a message in your CAF Bank Online secure mailbox. As the message is sent to all the online banking users on your account, you may find that a request or instruction has already been processed when you access ‘Your messages’.

    You’ll stop receiving secure messages if you don’t log in and check your secure mailbox each time you receive one.

  • What should I do if I’m not receiving CAF Bank Online secure messages?
    To reactivate secure messaging, click on the ‘Your Messages’ link under account tools.
  • How can I download my online statements?

    Log in to CAF Bank Online and ‘View your online statements’. This will take you to the statement portal, where you need to enter a separate username, password and security question.

    From here you can view three years’ worth of statements. Once your statement is on screen, the download icon will give you the option to save or print statement.

  • Can I switch off notifications for statements?
    This is a regulatory requirement, so these email notifications can't be turned off.
  • How can I view my Standing Orders and Direct Debits?
    Log in to CAF Bank Online, choose the account, select ‘View activity’ and view details on the tabs at the top of the 'Statement' screen.
  • How long will it take for my payment to get to the payee?

    Bill payments, Standing Orders and Bulk payments are sent by our Online Faster Payments service.

    Payments authorised before 4pm will be processed the same day. The payee will receive the payment by close of business the following business day.

    Instructions received after 4pm or on a weekend and English bank holidays will be processed the next business day. 

  • Can I make an online payment outside the UK?

    It’s not possible to set up an online payment to a bank account held outside the UK. You'll need to complete a 'Sending money outside the UK' form. For details of our International Payment charges, please refer to our Tariff of Charges.

    You can also request a form by emailing us at

  • Does CAF Bank have a mobile app?
    We don’t offer this service at the moment. You can log in to your account via CAF Bank Online here.
  • How do I make a payment online?
    Before you make a payment, the beneficiary must have been created as a payee.
    In the ‘Manage payees’ section, you can create a new payee, as well as edit and delete existing payees.

    You can create the following types of payee: ‘Individual external’, ‘Group payees’, ‘Nominated Account’ and ‘Other CAF Bank customers’.

    Payments requiring second authorisation will lapse after 5 days, if not authorised within that time, and the money will not be sent.

    To send money online within the UK to an individual payee:

    1.    On the account you wish to send money from, select ‘Make a payment’.
    2.    Select ‘Pay an individual’.
    3.    Choose either ‘External payees’, ‘Other CAF Bank customers’ or ‘Nominated Account payee’ (ensure you choose the correct option by viewing the [?] icon).
    4.    Select the payee.
    5.    Enter the amount you wish to send to the payee and the date you wish the payment to be sent and complete the request.

  • How do I pay more than one payee online?
    If you pay the same payees regularly, setting up a group payment is the best way of doing this. It is also easier to authorise as only one unique code is required.

    To send money to a group:

    1.    On the account you wish to send money from, select ‘Make a payment’.
    2.    Select ‘Pay a group – QuickPay’.
    3.    Choose the group you wish to send money to.
    4.    Select ‘List Payees’.
    5.    Enter the amounts you wish to send to each payee, tick ‘Pay’ and complete the request.

  • How do I authorise a group payment?
    To authorise a group payment:

    1.    Select the payment in either ‘Payment status’ or ‘Your messages’.
    2.    Check all details to ensure their accuracy and authenticity.
    3.    Follow the on-screen instructions to generate a unique code using SMS or the CAF Bank Unique Code app.

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