How do we help protect you?



Protecting you when you are using our service is our priority. We use the latest online security measures to make sure that your personal information, money and privacy remain safe.


How do we help protect you?

  • Text Alerts

    We have introduced Text Alerts for all CAF Bank customers to provide you with added protection against fraud. You must be registered for Text Alerts, to view your Accounts when logging in to CAF Bank Online.

    Text Alerts will notify you via SMS when a payee is created, changes are made to a payee, or your registered mobile phone number changes. This free service helps you maintain control of your accounts, spot any suspicious activity and report this to us more quickly.

    If you haven’t yet registered for Text Alerts, simply log in to CAF Bank Online and follow the instructions when prompted. For more information on these changes, please read our Text Alert FAQs.
  • Secure websites

    All our websites use 256-bit encryption. When you log in to your account you’ll see a padlock icon, signifying that you have a secure connection.

    Our systems are regularly tested and audited by independent security experts to ensure they are safe for all our customers to use.
  • Inactivity timeouts

    If you forget to log off or if your computer is inactive for a period, then our system will automatically log you off.
  • Secure identification and login

    Users must give their login credentials before they are allowed to access the system. After a number of failed attempts to log on, we will disable access to your account.
  • Technology

    Our systems have firewalls to prevent unauthorised access to our data, all data is encrypted before being sent over the internet.
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