From dual authentication to encryption, we’re serious about your security.

Security is built-in

Online threats grow more sophisticated every day. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to make sure our security processes stay one step ahead, so you can bank with confidence. Here’s what you can expect.

Verifying your identity

We need to know it’s you trying to access your account. That includes making sure that your login details and password haven’t been compromised. We do this in a few ways.

1. Two-factor authentication

We provide two-factor authentication to verify your identity. So as well as entering your user ID and password, we’ll issue a unique code by text message or through the CAF Bank UniqueCode App. We recommend using the app. This will prevent any potential network delays receiving your code, and avoid the known security risks with SMS texts.

2. Keeping your account secure

To keep your account secure, you’ll need to generate a new unique code each time you:

  • Log in to your CAF Bank Online account
  • Authorise a payment
  • View or change your online banking details
  • Manage your online users

3. Limiting account access

We’ll also disable access to your account after a number of failed login attempts. If this happens, give us a call.


When changes  happen on your account, we can let you know by text message. You can activate this service by logging into your CAF Bank Online account.

Once activated, we’ll send you an SMS to confirm when:

  • a payee is created
  • changes are made to a payee
  • your registered mobile phone number changes

This service is free and means you’ll get an instant notification of any changes made on your account.

Secure encryption

All our websites use 256-bit encryption. When you log in to your account you’ll see a padlock icon in the website URL bar – this shows that you’re accessing a secure connection.

We have additional firewalls on all our systems to prevent unauthorised access, and we encrypt all data before sending it over the internet.

We get our systems regularly tested and audited by independent security experts to make sure they are safe.

Inactivity timeouts

We automatically log you out of your account if your computer is inactive for a set period. This helps to make sure nobody else can access your account.


Our systems are designed to be as secure as possible. But we can only protect your account if we have the right details. Let us know immediately if your key information changes, like:

  • Account contact details
  • Your organisation's address
  • Trustees

Or whenever Authorised signatories or Business cardholders leave your organisation.


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