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The Board of directors has responsibility for the overall governance and management of CAF Bank.


The Board of directors has responsibility for the overall governance and management of CAF Bank. As a bank dedicated to providing expert services for charity and not-for-profit organisations, we need a committed team which reflects our ethical values.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge between them, each of our directors brings something different to the table. In addition each of them upholds the fairness and values that our customers expect from us.

Below is an overview of each of our directors; their work history and previous experience in the bank and business sectors.

CAF trustee & chair, CAF Bank, Janet Pope

Janet Pope

CAF Trustee and Chair, CAF Bank
Janet Pope is Chief of Staff and Director, Group Corporate Affairs, Lloyds Banking Group plc. Janet directs the Group Chief Executive’s Office, is Director Group Corporate Affairs and has responsibility for the Diversity and Inclusion and Responsible Business functions. 

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Peter Ostacchini_241

Peter Ostacchini

Chief Executive, CAF Bank
Peter joined CAF Bank in 2013, having worked in the banking industry for 28 years. His remit is to oversee the transition in the Bank’s business model from solely being a deposit taker into a more diversified bank, growing income streams from lending and fees.

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Non-Executive Director, CAF Bank, Martyn Beauchamp

Martyn Beauchamp

Non-Executive Director, CAF Bank
An international financial services leader, board advisor and mentor, Martyn has led turnarounds, transformations and start-ups across Europe, Middle East and Asia for organisations, including Tesco and GE Capital.

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Finance Director, CAF Bank, John Grout

John Grout

Finance Director, CAF Bank
John joined the CAF Group as Financial Controller in 2003 and became Finance Director of CAF Bank early in 2008.

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Non-Executive Director, CAF Bank, Mairi Johnstone

Mairi Johnstone

Non-Executive Director, CAF Bank
Mairi Johnstone is currently CEO of the Methodist Ministers’ Housing Society for GB. She is also a lawyer qualified in both Scottish and English Law, as well as an experienced strategist. In her early career, Mairi developed specialisms in banking law and property finance.

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Chief Executive of Charities Aid Foundation, Sir John Low CBE

Sir John Low CBE

Chief Executive of Charities Aid Foundation.

Sir John Low CBE is Chief Executive of Charities Aid Foundation. Sir John is also a Non-Executive Director of CAF Bank, a Non-Executive Director of Charity Bank and an Independent Member of Council at City University of London.

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Non-Executive Director, CAF Bank, Alistair Ray

Alistair Ray

Non-Executive Director, CAF Bank
Alistair Ray is the co-founder and Director of Dalmore Capital Limited, a leading independent UK fund manager focused on helping institutional pension funds invest in UK government owned infrastructure assets.

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CAF Trustee and non-Executive Director, CAF Bank, Carole Machell

Carole Machell

CAF Trustee and non-Executive Director, CAF Bank
Carole Machell sits as a non-Executive director on the board of Weatherbys Bank, where she chairs the Risk Committee.

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Non-Executive Director, CAF Bank, Graham Toy

Graham Toy

Non-Executive Director, CAF Bank
Graham has spent his whole career specialising in commercial lending. He started with Barclays and spent 27 years in a variety of roles which included front line relationship management as well as a number of appointments into credit risk management positions.

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Non-Executive Director, CAF Bank, Mark Sinclair

Mark Sinclair

Non-Executive Director, CAF Bank

In 2011 Mark joined HSBC Group initially as Group Head of ALM control quickly progressing to Group Head of Liquidity and Structural Interest Rate Risks. In January 2017 Mark was appointed Group Commercial Treasurer focusing on commercial optimisation and partnering with the Global Businesses and is a member of the Group Treasurer's management team and a member of the HSBC Group ALCO

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Non-Executive Director, CAF Bank, Malcolm Himsworth

Malcolm Himsworth

Non-Executive Director, CAF Bank
Malcolm was appointed Non-Executive Director in September 2016 and is a member of the Board Audit Committee.

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Non-Executive Director, CAF Bank, Kees Diepstraten

Kees Diepstraten

Non-Executive Director, CAF Bank
Kees Diepstraten has held senior strategic and commercial roles with Lloyds Banking Group, Santander and previously in consulting, covering lending, various other businesses and banking reforms.

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