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  • 19 February 2024 

    AI for charities: bringing donors and staff on the journey

    Our recent research into what the public think about charities using AI produced some helpful insights for charities looking to implement the technology and highlighted the key common theme that charities need to remember as they look to implement their own solutions. 
  • 22 August 2023 

    Charity Commission issues new investment guidance for Trustees (CC14)

    The Charity Commission for England and Wales has issued updated guidance – note CC14 - for trustees seeking to invest their charity’s assets. In this review, the trustees of two charitable trusts sought the approval of the Court to the adoption of a policy that would enable their investments to be aligned with the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change, as well as gain clarity over certain other issues.

  • 21 June 2023 

    3Pillars: rehabilitating young men in the criminal justice system

    Each month, CAF hosts an in-depth session to learn about the inspiring work of the charities we collaborate with. These sessions provide our teams with a better understanding of the cause area the charity addresses, the challenges they face, and the impact they have on the world. This provides our teams and the donors they support with a greater level of insight. 

  • 23 January 2023 

    CAF Resilience Fund: what has Phase 2 achieved so far?

    With the pandemic and subsequent cost-of-living crisis, the need for UK charities to be resilient has never been more apparent. Phase 2 of the CAF Resilience Fund is designed to help charities move beyond survival and to adapt so that they can look to the future, be sustainable and thrive. 

  • 4 November 2022 

    Why is COP27 important for charities?

    The UN Climate Change Conference has now been running for almost three decades but the climate crisis continues to accelerate. What can we hope for from COP27 and what does it mean for charities? 

  • 2 July 2022 

    What do the UK Giving Report findings mean for charity fundraising?

    What can the report’s findings tell us about current donor behaviour – and how can charities use the data to inform their fundraising activities?

  • 24 June 2022 

    Out of adversity comes opportunity

    Covid-19 has had a profound impact on charities, bringing with it mainly negative but also some positive consequences. In this guest authored blog we outline key areas of consideration for charities seeking to build opportunity from adversity.

  • 20 June 2022 

    How can small charities navigate the economic landscape?

    At the Charities Aid Foundation, we seek to support small charities with the invaluable work they do. Yet as we head into this year’s Small Charity Week, it seems far from plain sailing.
  • 8 June 2022 

    How charities can think about sustainable investing

    Terms like ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) have become part of the established lexicon in the corporate world and yet only relatively recently have they been mentioned in the charity sector. Here, Alison Taylor, CEO of CAF Bank and Charity Services, explores a shift to sustainable investing and introduces the IFSL CAF ESG Fund Range. 
  • 28 January 2022 

    Trends that could impact the charity landscape in 2022

    As we look forward to a year of cautious recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, what can we expect for charities in 2022 and the environment in which they operate?
  • 18 October 2021 

    Charity Fraud Awareness Week 2021

    Charity Fraud Awareness Week is a campaign run by a partnership of charities, regulators, law enforcers, representative and umbrella bodies, and other not-for-profit stakeholders.
  • 22 September 2021 

    Cross-border compassion and collaboration will increase

    Millions have been donated by people across the globe to help communities impacted by regional disasters and Covid-19. Cross-border compassion and collaboration driven by individual supporters have reached unprecedented levels. But civil society needs a strong and reliable framework to help facilitating it.
  • 20 September 2021 

    Creating resilient charities – what have we learnt and what should happen next

    There is no debate about the extent to which the pandemic has impacted on the charity sector. Charities have had to try to remain strong through some extraordinarily difficult challenges. We analyse what we have learnt and what should happen next
  • 14 September 2021 

    Why charities and funders should invest in resilience

    These days the idea of resilience is being mentioned more frequently - resilience of individuals to cope with pressure, resilience of systems to absorb shocks, and resilience of local communities to deal with external pressures. The pandemic exposed many charities to additional pressures and led to another increase in demand for services. Not only did the pandemic challenge resilience but it raised its importance and place it at the forefront of many charity leaders' minds.
  • 15 June 2021 

    Celebrating excellence with a night at the Charity Awards 2021

    For over 20 years, the Charity Awards, hosted by Civil Society Media, have recognised excellence among charities, regardless of their size, location or cause. This year was no different, albeit virtually. 
  • 15 June 2021 

    Helpful tools and resources for smaller charities

    Read Neil Poyton's, our Head of Charities, latest article that includes free advice and resources that could be useful to you, if you’re running or governing a smaller charity.
  • 8 December 2020 

    Charities have embraced digital during this crisis

    CAF recently issued the fifth edition of our Charity Landscape report, which captures the views of charity leaders about the key challenges they face. While Covid-19 has dominated this year, one issue that we have tracked for several years has seen a notable change, namely technology and digital transformation.
  • 5 June 2020 

    Demand is up, whilst income is down – how are charities adapting?

    We are seeing charities find alternative ways of delivering their services or teaming up with other charities, businesses and civic partners.
  • 4 June 2020 

    Six characteristics of a resilient charity

    In reality, whether a charity is resilient can only be known when a they face difficult events or changing times. Just like those we're living through at the moment as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

    So what does a resilient charity look like? Beth Clarke shares six characteristics of a resilient charity and why they matter.
  • 15 May 2020 

    We’ve started to see some changes in giving behaviour during Covid-19

    Charitable giving in the UK has shifted dramatically towards support for ‘hospitals and hospices’ in the weeks since the coronavirus pandemic took hold. Is this shift affecting other causes people give to, at least in the short term?
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