19 May 2020

In episode 76 we talk to global philanthropy expert Kris Putnam-Walkerly about her new book Delusional Altruism, and about how philanthropists and funders are being affected by - and responding to - the Covid-19 pandemic. Including:
  • What is 'delusional altruism'?
  • Why does a scarcity mind-set affect so many donors and funders? Is this particular to philanthropy?
  • Why is the “overhead myth” so prevalent, and why is it so problematic?
  • Are there signs that funders are changing their behaviour during the current crisis? (Moving to unrestricted funding, trust-based grantmaking etc.) Is this likely to lead to longer-term changes?

Kris putnam walkerly

Kris Putnam-Walkerly

  • How many donors are willing to give away power as well as money? (And will the current crisis put even more focus on approaches such as participatory grantmaking?)
  • Do we need to redefine what is perceived as 'failure' in philanthropy?
  • How many donors see funding advocacy as a course of action, rather than direct services? If it is less common, why is that?
  • How can we balance the imperative to respond to short-term needs in a crisis with ensuring that philanthropy makes the most of its strengths in taking a longer-term view? What does this mean for current debates on spending down endowments?
  • How should we rate philanthropy’s response to the current crisis?
  • Will anything fundamentally change as a result of what we are going through? If so, what?

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Rhodri Davies

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