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We work with government, political parties, other charities and their supporters to strengthen civil society and transform more lives and communities around the world.

We talk to the Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt MP at the Conservative 2018 conference

Ideas to make giving count

We work with government and all those who are interested in charities to encourage giving, and help charities and social enterprises to flourish.

We champion the contribution that charities, donors and volunteers make to society.  We are:

  • Informing and influencing the Government’s Civil Society Strategy
  • Ensuring charities have a voice in Brexit debates
  • Championing a positive regulatory, financial and political environment for charity
  • Working with other charities and their supporters to shape the future of giving
  • Ensuring that metro mayors and regional government promote giving


Committee on Artificial Intelligence Call for Evidence April 2018

Several of CAF’s recommendations are included in the Select Committee’s report. These include concerns that irresponsible AI could concentrate wealth and power in the hands of a small minority that owns and controls the technology and its applications, as well as fears that AI-driven interfaces will seek to present us with choices and interactions based on existing preferences, limiting our experiences even further without us realising it.

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Previous campaigns

We are proud of our long history of successful campaigning. Read about the projects that made an important impact on charities.

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Policy papers and consultation responses

Our policy work on the big issues affecting charities and giving.

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Briefings and publications

Our campaign reports, public affairs briefings and research, all aimed at building a stronger charitable sector, are free to read and download.

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Putting charities on the political agenda

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Sir John Low CBE, Charities Aid Foundation CEO, talking about harnessing the power of local giving at one of our Political Party conference 2017 Fringe events.

CAF at the 2017 political party conferences

Each year, CAF attends the political party conferences to make sure that charities are on the political agenda. It’s the one time in the year when the political world comes together, and an important opportunity to build bridges and share new and innovative ideas.

in 2017, CAF talked about how we can use the UK’s soft power to grow civil society across the world, by using some international aid to build the groundwork for civil society in developing economies. We also talked about one of our favourite projects in the UK – building a culture of giving in towns and cities that encourages people to come together in their local areas to give for social good. This is particularly relevant as power is distributed at a local level.

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We work to create a positive climate for charities to operate in and raise awareness of the impact that they make.
This blog features our take on what’s going on in the world of charities, ranging from the latest in legislation to what emerging trends and themes across society mean for the future of the sector. Keep up-to-date as we unpick the political, social and news environment and what it all means for charities.

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Campaigning for social good

Campaigns to help people support the charities they care about.

Working with policymakers

We work with Government and opposition to ensure policy encourages giving, and allows charities and social enterprises to flourish.

Change for the better

We work to make the most of the contribution that charities, donors and volunteers make to society.

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Working to strengthen civil society and transform more lives and communities around the world.

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Giving Thought blog

The latest on key issues affecting civil society, philanthropy, social investment and using new technologies for social good.

Campaigning for a giving world

Using our insight, influence and experience, we are campaigning for world changing philanthropy.

Campaigning for giving in the UK

We are working to improve the environment for giving, and to create conditions that allow charities and social enterprises to flourish.

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