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  • Holly Piper

    Holly Piper

    Head of CAF Venturesome

    Holly leads the team, including overall responsibility for CAF Venturesome’s funds, fundraising, social investments, operating budget and personnel. Holly was promoted to Head in February 2015, and is in CAF’s leadership group.

    Holly previously worked at the management consultancy firm Oliver Wyman, specialising in the retail sector. She has a degree from the University of Cambridge, an MSc from the London School of Economics, and the Investment Management Certificate.

  • Holger Westphely

    Holger Westphely

    Senior Investment Manager

    As part of the senior management team, Holger shares responsibility for the strategy and operations of the investment team. Duties include appraisals of applications, monitoring part of the CAF Venturesome portfolio, overseeing the SE-Assist Fund, managing the team's operations, and supporting new business development.

    Holger co-founded Aylesbury Partnerships which provides investment and contract readiness services to organisations in the voluntary sector, and co-founded Eastside Primetimers which advises organisations in raising finance.

  • Joanne Wedderspoon

    Joanne Wedderspoon

    Funder Relations Manager

    Joanne is responsible for maintaining and developing the relationships with the philanthropic funders who support CAF Venturesome’s funds.   Joanne also works with Marketing and Communications to raise awareness of social investment and the support CAF Venturesome can offer to social organisations.

    Joanne has a varied background in investment banking, PR, charity fundraising and social enterprise development.

  • Anne-Helene Sinha

    Anne-Helene Sinha

    Investment Manager

    Anne-Helene is our Investment Manager, primarily responsible for our community housing funds, including the development and management of our new Community Led Housing Fund (CLH Fund) to be launched in January 2020. She also continues to manage the portfolio of social investments in our now closed, Community Land Trust (CLT) Funds and our active Development Fund. Anne-Helene is on the Grant Committee of a Power to Change Fund entitled “Homes in Community Hands”.

    Prior to joining CAF Venturesome, she worked for over 10 years as a management consultant for social enterprises and charities, as well as the public and private sectors.

  • Fan Gu

    Fan Gu

    Investment Manager

    Fan manages a portfolio of social investments across all CAF Venturesome funds, with responsibilities involving business development, investment due diligence and investee monitoring.

    Fan has a background in investment banking, specialising in the financial services sector. Most recently she had completed the On Purpose programme, working with a solar financing start-up and UK-based science charity.

    Get in touch to speak with Fan about innovative financing approaches to support your organisational growth.

  • Lekan Ojumu

    Lekan Ojumu

    Investment Manager

    Lekan manages a portfolio of social investments across CAF Venturesome’s Development and SE-Assist funds. He leads our SE-Assist place based fund in addition to co-coordinating pre-investment support offered as an Access Point for the Reach Fund.

    Previously Lekan worked for a grant-giving foundation, managing grant giving and capacity building across London - supporting community organisations with fundraising, business planning and governance. He also has experience in community investment, youth and education sectors.

  • Hadley Diest

    Hadley Diest

    Investment Manager

    Hadley manages a portfolio of social investments across all CAF Venturesome funds, leading on our social investments for international development.  Her responsibilities include business development, investment due diligence and investee monitoring.

    Hadley has a background in investment banking with a focus on leveraged finance and also in non-profit finance and strategy. Most recently, she worked as a consultant with various charities looking to access social investment, helping them with their financial and business planning work.

    Get in touch with Hadley if you are a social organisation, based in the UK, with international projects.

  • Alex McAleavy

    Alex McAleavy

    Investment Executive

    Alex manages a portfolio of social investments across all funds, with responsibilities ranging from assessing investment applications to monitoring existing investee performances.

    Alex previously worked for the strategy consulting firm EY-Parthenon where he worked across a range of sectors including education, consumer and tech involved in a mix of growth strategy and private equity commercial due diligence projects. Whilst at EY-Parthenon, he worked with a number of charities and social enterprises providing pro-bono strategic support.

  • Ana-Julia Van Bilsen Irias

    Ana-Julia Van Bilsen Irias

    Investment Executive

    Ana manages a portfolio of social investments from our main fund, the Development Fund, with responsibilities ranging from assessing investment applications to monitoring existing investee performances.

    Ana previously worked in peacebuilding project management at Concordis International, and prior to this worked in Innovation for children’s rights at UNICEF Nicaragua. She has a degree in Law and Political Science from Université Lyon II and a MSc in International Studies and International Development from Université Sorbonne-Nouvelle Paris III.

  • Data Green

    Data Green

    Compliance Administrator

    Data is the Compliance Administrator at CAF Venturesome. She ensures that all due diligence Anti-Money Laundering checks are conducted on potential investees prior to them accessing their  loans. She's also responsible for reviewing investees accounts on an annual or 3-yearly basis, depending on the risk level given to each investee.

    Data has a legal background, working in various law firms and has worked within the charity sector for Crisis UK and Amnesty international UK.

  • Cheryl Browne

    Cheryl Browne

    Fund Administrator

    Cheryl joined the Venturesome team in 2019 after working in the Grant-Making team at CAF. She looks after all the team’s administrative tasks; especially finance reconciliations and investment committee administration. Cheryl has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with Accounts/Finance from The University of Greenwich.

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