Our Gender Pay Gap data shows the difference in average pay between female colleagues and male colleagues and takes into account all roles at all levels within CAF. This is different to the concept of equal pay, which is the comparison in pay received by female and male colleagues performing the same roles at the same grade.

At CAF, we have proportionately more female colleagues in junior roles and proportionately more male colleagues in higher-paid technical, professional or leadership type roles. So, with lower numbers of female colleagues in more senior roles, this brings down the average pay for these colleagues and creates an overall pay gap.

Being able to attract, develop, nurture and retain top female talent is important to us and we also recognise that organisations with gender-diverse senior management teams perform better. That is why we must address this imbalance.

Recruitment plays an important role in improving gender representation within senior leadership, but this is only one part of story.  Nurturing and developing the talent we already have will help us create a pipeline of future leadership and role models for our female colleagues.

We will continue to work hard to create a fully inclusive environment for all our colleagues, and will actively endeavour to remove any barriers that may impact on our ability to create a diverse and engaged workforce.

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