• UK Giving 150x150

    UK Giving 2009

    This survey provides the latest research on individuals' giving to charity – how much is given, and who the donors are.
  • Russia Giving 2017

    Philanthropy in the context of the economic crisis

    This 2009 report presents the findings of a survey conducted by CAF Russia and partners, into the future of philanthropy in Russia during the recession.
  • corporate giving 2018 150

    Helping companies helping charities

    This 2019 report offers research into charity perceptions of corporate giving and industry sector differentiation. Includes practical guidance for companies working with charities.
  • piggy bank 150x150

    The public bond with tax-effective giving in the UK

    Our 2009 survey of the public awareness and usage of tax-effective giving methods, which includes Gift Aid, gifts of land and buildings, legacies and wills, payroll giving, and share giving.

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