Charitable giving is a critical source of support for organisations, from the largest charities to the smallest community groups. Causes, ranging from cancer research to the arts, depend on charitable giving. So, at a time of economic uncertainty for many charities and voluntary organisations, what do we know about the state of charitable giving in the UK? How many people give to charity? How much do they give? What causes do they support?
These, and other questions, are answered in UK Giving 2009, the most up-to-date and reliable source of trends and statistics on charitable giving in the UK. Now in its fifth year, UK Giving is based upon survey research that uniquely enables direct comparison with earlier years, making it possible to show reliable trends.

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  • Key giving trends
  • Characteristics of donors and the causes they support
  • High-level donor trends
  • Methods of giving & tax-efficient giving
  • The future policy directions for charitable giving


Further resources

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2008 9 uk giving infographic

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