2011 publications

  • Aid convoy
View trends in the public’s giving to disaster appeals, from 2004 to the 2011 East Africa drought.
  • World hands
This is the second edition of the popular annual 'World Giving Index' report which tracks giving behaviours across 153 countries.
  • Cover
This annual survey provides the latest research on individuals' giving to charity - how much is given, who the donors are, where the donations go and the trends over time.
  • Clipboard
In 2010 CAF Venturesome took part in the first ever benchmarked social investment investee perception survey, run by Keystone.
  • Microfinance_021210_54
This CAF Venturesome handbook provides a roadmap for both policy-makers and impact investors for catalysing a robust social investment market.
  • Charity Trends logo
After over thirty years of writing the Charity Trends publication, CAF has decided to make charity data more accessible by placing it online at www.charitytrends.org.
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