2012 publications

  • PayrollGiving_54
This paper aims to enhance the understanding of Payroll Giving by providing a concise, factual view of relevant data that has been published since the scheme was created.
  • Cover
This is the third edition of the World Giving Index, the largest study into charitable behaviour across the globe, involving 160 countries in total.
  • india_giving_54
India Giving is a research report designed to enhance understanding of the nature of giving in India. It includes findings on donors’ motivation for giving, the causes they support, and their attitudes to giving.
  • Star
In the first report of the Future of Philanthropy series we identify what matters to young, wealthy givers – Y-Givers – and how their attitudes and influence may shape philanthropy in the future.
  • Cover
The UK Giving survey provides the latest research on individuals' donations to charity – how much is given, who the donors are, where the donations go, and the trends over time.
  • cashinhand54
The Government must ensure its attempts to introduce payment by results for public services do not squeeze out charities and community groups.
  • generations_54
This new report reveals that there could be trouble ahead for charities as our younger generations fail to keep up with their forebears in the generosity stakes.
  • CAF Social Impact Fund
We launched the CAF Social Impact Fund in July 2011 and since then contributors to the Fund have enabled us to help a wide range of charities. Read our first full year report.
  • Money_coins_54
This research analyses studies into the value of charitable work, to assess the potential impact of the proposed tax relief cap on civil society.
  • Rich List 2012 logo
As part of CAF's long standing partnership with The Sunday Times, we asked some of the UK's richest people about their motivations for giving.
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