• Ideas about giving to charity

    The potential impact of a cap on Charity Tax Relief 2012

    This 2012 research analyses studies into the value of charitable work, to assess the potential impact of the proposed tax relief cap on civil society.
  • corporate giving 2018 150

    The journey so far; 25 years of Payroll Giving

    This 2012 paper aims to enhance the understanding of Payroll Giving by providing a concise, factual view of relevant data that has been published since the scheme was created.
  • britishindian-donors-150px

    CAF India Giving 2012

    India Giving is a research report designed to enhance understanding of the nature of giving in India. It includes findings on donors’ motivation for giving, the causes they support, and their attitudes to giving.
  • UK Giving 150x150

    UK Giving 2012

    UK Giving 2012 provides an update for our annual survey providing the latest research on individuals' giving to charity.
  • 8 steps towards localism 150x150

    Funding good outcomes 2012; social investment to support payment by results

    In this report, we draw on the recent experience of our social investment arm CAF Venturesome and warn that the way payment by results is being implemented threatens to exclude charity and social enterprise expertise.
  • Heart-on-box

    CAF Social Impact Fund full year report 2011

    We launched the CAF Social Impact Fund in July 2011 and since then contributors to the Fund have enabled us to help a wide range of charities. Read our first full year report.

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Impress your friends and family with our five facts about how people around the world donated in 2011.

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