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    CAF World Giving Index 2013

    The fourth edition of the World Giving Index, which looks at charitable behaviour across the world, involving more than 130 countries.
  • Show your love to charity

    A year of giving

    Did you know that, as a nation, we give more to charity at certain times of the year – and that some of us are more likely to give than others?
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    Unlocking the power of creative capitalism through social investment 2013

    Our research into corporate attitudes, motivations and barriers to investing in the social investment market.
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    Schools and charities 2013

    As part of our Growing Giving campaign. our 2013 research asked teachers for their thoughts on the relationship between schools and charities.
  • running 130 marathon free unsplash

    Millions running for charity

    An estimated five million Britons have run for charity in the past year, raising an average of £280 each, according to our 2013 research.
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    Growing up Giving 2013 report

    The first stage of the Inquiry looked at how younger people support good causes, learn about charities, can use charitable activity to boost their opportunities, as well as how charities can make themselves accessible to younger audiences.

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