2013 publications

  • World hands
The fourth edition of the World Giving Index looks at the charitable behaviour of more than 130 countries. Find out who is the most giving in terms of donating to charity, volunteering time and helping a stranger.
  • CAF-A-Year-of-Giving-web-54
Did you know that, as a nation, we give more to charity at certain times of the year – and that some of us are more likely to give than others?
  • Union flag
A new report shows that the majority of the time and money donated to good causes in Britain comes from just nine per cent of people, while nearly one in four give little or nothing.
  • Pound signs
A unique piece of research into corporate attitudes, motivations and barriers to investing in the social investment market.
  • CAF_Education_Infographic_54
As part of our Growing Giving campaign. we asked teachers for their thoughts on the relationship between schools and charities.
  • Runners
An estimated five million Britons have run for charity in the past year, raising an average of £280 each, according to new research.
  • catalyst_lotus_54
In the second report of our 'Future of Philanthropy' series, 'Catalysts for change' looks at philanthropy in a smaller, more connected world and how the socially-minded next generation of philanthropists are applying social values to business thinking.
  • Growing Giving
With the over-60s now more than twice as likely to give to charity as the under-30s, what does the future hold? The aim of this research was to understand how young people think about charities and charitable giving.
  • Future-World-Giving-54
The report aims to estimate the possible extent of charitable giving around the world if governments and the voluntary sector were to harness the potential of the huge expansion of the middle classes.
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